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Patrick's experience in this area includes small groups, keynote presentations, workshops, and retreats.

Bulls, Dogs, and Possums

Exploring the often difficult and challenging journey around the workplace.  Carefully interacting with co-workers who have their own agenda and still remain professional while avoiding conflicts.  Understanding the three principle players in the office:  the bull, the dog, and the possum and examining the ways to have them all work together. 

Ultimate Goal Setting Program

Accomplish more, increase your self-worth and exceed the targets that have been set for you.  Establish a solid foundation in preparation to achieve incredible goals guaranteed to maximize your growing potential. 

Public Speaking

Heart pounding?  Sweating buckets?  Clammy hands?  Shortness of breath?  Sound familiar?  Too often these sensations occur whenever you are asked to speak in front of a crowd of any size.  Become a better speaker by reducing stress, boosting your confidence and planning a solid presentation. 

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Malcolm S. Forbes is quoted as saying “Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.”  Focus on the REAL you.  Discover what your strengths are.  Enjoy the exploration of one’s self and start igniting the fire that will propel you to great accomplishments.   

Teams That Come Out on Top

Communication is the key to teams accomplishing well defined goals in a timely manner.  Patrick will have your team working together despite the challenges of experience, opinions, and backgrounds.  Teams that are able to communicate effectively are able to truly come out on top.

  • Team Building
  • Customer Service
  • Communications
  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership


"Your enthusiastic, funny, and dynamic presentation really brought to light the meaning of teamwork, communication, and customer service to our associates."

Joan Maas
Assistant Vice President
AloStar Bank of Commerce

"...participants expressed genuine praise...felt they gained a great deal of understanding for what is expected of them...effectively translated matter into realistic terms both comprehensive and eye-opening..."

Edith Ingram
Central Alabama Women's Business Center


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