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Patrick George, Motivational Speaker

Monsters in Your Closet - Face Your Fears
Dealing with life as a middle school student can be tough. Everything seems too big and there aren't any easy answers. Patrick helps students see through their fears: fear of failure, fear of not being accepted, fear of what they can do. These fears are real but the dangers are usually imagined. This presentation will encourage your students to believe in themselves and the dreams they have.

I Challenge You
The responses to this program vary -- students either sit quietly reflecting on their past or cheer because they are no longer haunted by their past. Your audience will view themselves differently after this presentation.  Patrick uses real life situations to teach students about being leaders and making a difference in the lives of other people. This presentation focuses on the ability to set goals and the confidence to never give up. Patrick will challenge your audience to never say "I Quit!"

That Really Hurt. . . Apology Accepted
In this program students will learn about the power of words, how words hurt, and the impact these words have. Students will learn of the hurt that bullying produces and the reasons that bullying occurs. Not only will Patrick address the reasons for bullying but also what creates the environment for bullying. Students involved in all aspects of bullying will be addressed:  the student who bullies, the student who is bullied, and the key student -- the bystander.

  • Career Day
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  • Conference Keynotes
  • Constitution Day
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"In my 14+ years of service as a state executive director for two student organizations...I have found that few have been able to both motivate and cultivate an atmosphere of positive change like Patrick does!  You keep our members engaged from start to finish."

Patrick T. Grady
Executive Director
Florida FCCLA

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