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Raising the Bar...Celebrating Student Potential
Balancing the many challenges and distractions that face the teacher, the parent, and the student.  It makes getting focused on success difficult.  Patrick uses the presentation to motivate and encourage teachers, staff, and administration to celebrate each student's potential while raising the bar of achievement.

Bulls, Dogs, and Possums
Patrick George is a popular speaker and author on leadership and goals for youth and young adults both nationally and internationally. In this program, Patrick will address the challenges of dealing with difficult people in your work area. You will learn how to get maintain sanity in a workplace full of Bulls, Dogs, and Possums.

  • Teacher In-Service
  • Start of the Year Kickoff

"Your keynote presentation was a terrific way for the Perry County School District to kick off our school year.  Your high-energy presentation with an upbeat humorous style helped set a tone that will be carried throughout the year."

Emma Jackson
Federal Programs Director
Perry County Schools [MS]

"Patrick had 110 advisors, moving around and engaged in activities... they were glad to learn and experience activities they could use with their own councils...they enjoyed trying things out and the processing that goes with each activity."

Massachuesetts Association of Student Councils

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